The Bears vs The Rams

Round three of the ALFCNE league saw Birmingham Bears host the Rams of Huddersfield. Having had a bye through round two the Bears had been preparing well in advance ...




Birmingham Bears Australian Rules Football Club

Birmingham Bears are part of the AFL Britain Central & North-West division, where we will play Manchester Mosquitoes, Nottingham Scorpions, Huddersfield Rams, Sheffield Thunder, Wolverhampton Wolverines and Hull Mariners. In 2012 we welcome the introduction of Leeds Minotaurs.

In 2009 Bears finished runners-up in the league, while in 2010 didn't field a team. In 2011 the Bears returned to strength and completed an improved season. 2012 saw the Bears just miss out on a finals spot on the last game of the season. Disappointing but a lot of positives to take in to the 2013 season. 

We are currently training on Thursday evening on Selly Park, Radlebarn Road, Selly Oak at 7pm. All abilities are welcome

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Round 9 vs Leeds
Leeds 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 8 vs Nottingham
Nottingham 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 7 vs Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 6 vs Manchester
Manchester 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0